10 Crown Molding Ideas

crown-moulding-ideas-wood_12483aefc1d655992d34729ff32a56d0_3x2_jpg_570x380_q85The Crowning Touch

Crown molding is a visual treat that adds a touch of elegance.

Crown moldings made of wood come in hundreds of profiles and can be stained, painted, or left natural.

Because wood tends to expand and contract with changes in humidity, use flexible caulk at joints and seams.


crown-moulding-contemporary-plaster_0da401e4b6c18c133ac276239b493c81_3x2_jpg_570x380_q85Coolest Crown

Not all crown moldings look like they came from ancient Greece; these jazzed-up plaster moldings are completely contemporary.

In rooms with ceilings 8 feet high or less, the upper portion of your crown molding (along the ceiling) should be longer than the bottom (along the wall).



crown-moulding-kitchen-cabinet_696dcc7bb2aff287ade76227ed6aa297_37a5c5454c07b1bd017e87efe8bf751a_3x2_jpg_570x380_q85The Triple Crown

The three-piece crown molding on this upper kitchen cabinet matches the classic Shaker-style motif of the door casing.

It’s an easy DIY project featuring a slim piece of simple trim and a plain flat board topped with a 2-inch-wide piece of fluted crown.




crown-moulding-lighted_e656f31864909ec24238181d5314d5f7_3x2_jpg_570x380_q85The Light Fantastic

Lighted crown moldings add a soft, ambient glow and are sure-fire conversation starters.

The two-piece system has lights in the lower molding that project upward, illuminating the upper piece.



crown-moulding-curved-polyurethane_5b1f58407e667f64c7b3a77c5f2c9455_3x2_jpg_570x380_q85A Turn for the Better

Got a room with a curve?

That’s no problem for flexible polyurethane crown molding that’ll conform to just about any shape.

It’s lightweight, and accepts paints and stains.


crown-moulding-stamped-metal_645288c17f1e610b096bc4ede221c6cd_a83a49f43b8d56b638ce048c2cd858c6_3x2_jpg_570x380_q85Not-So-Heavy Metal

Made for use with stamped metal ceiling panels, crown molding made of tin or aluminum is lightweight and easy to cut.

Pre-formed corners eliminate the need for complex miters, so a handy DIYer can tackle installation.



crown-moulding-hollow-pvc_c51da2ddc24914ee1eeb04a6482de03e_3x2_jpg_570x380_q85Not Just Another Pretty Facade

Want to run new wiring in your house but balk at the thought of ripping out drywall?

Let crown molding come to the rescue. Hollow PVC crown molding is an inexpensive way to hide cable, audio, and communication wires in any room.



crown-moulding-lightweight-polyurethane_4dc7a0935bedf249d2fcb80e0b768c27_3x2_jpg_570x380_q85The Power of Poly

Lightweight polyurethane crown moldings are easy to install.

You can cut and nail them like wood, but they won’t split or crack.

Most come with a factory-applied primer finish and are ready to paint.


crown-moulding-salvaged-materials_94184122cdf92b9795e884387f7342b3_3x2_jpg_570x380_q85Crown Moulding Goes Green

If you like making eco-conscious choices for your home, try crown molding made from reclaimed timbers.

Using salvaged materials means no new timber is harvested, and keeps old building products out of landfills.



crown-moulding-duct-tape_35a89bb4b5f39af4e32de89cdaa564d5_3x2_jpg_570x380_q85More Uses for Duct Tape

White duct tape covers the line where the blue ceiling paint meets the beige wall color, creating an inexpensive multi-layered crown molding effect.

Bringing ceiling paint color down along the walls helps make tall walls look shorter.