About Crown Molding

We offer many fine molding services. We can find you any type of molding or trim that you like and install them in any type of constructural configuration that you desire. We have done professional crown molding installation since 2004. Crown King means quality molding at an affordable price in one package!

Crown molding remains one of the most popular & relatively inexpensive methods of upgrading the look of your home. Crown molding helps set the tone of a room, gives it a more original & finished feel, & is also a good way to finish off walls when the acoustic texture has been removed from the ceilings.

While installing crown molding might be classified as a minor upgrade, it is definitely not a do-it-yourself home improvement project (unless you are an expert with the compound miter saw & have some experience dealing in precise measurements). Part of the reason most experts warn against doing a crown molding job yourself is because of the way the molding is fit into the corners of the room; the pieces must be cut upside down & backwards at a 38 to 45 degree angle. Things can get especially complicated when you stop to consider the fact that many rooms do not have walls that meet at precisely 90 degree angles.

Your best bet is to choose an installer that is well qualified & can assist you in selecting a crown molding design that matches the overall aesthetic you are looking for in your home. For example, it should be one that matches the architectural style of your house. If you have a Victorian revival house & you install crown moldings that have modernist designs you will end up creating a discord between the two visual styles, which in turn will result in a lowering of the value of your house. Conversely, if you have a modernist house, leave the frilly crown moldings alone & go for cleaner lines & plainer designs.

The crown molding professionals at Crown KG will assist you in selecting the crown molding that is just right for your home, & the end result will be a professional looking job. If installed correctly, a decorative crown molding job can increase the depth & uniqueness of your interior design & provide you with a worthwhile payoff come resale time.